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Target the Right Customers

DIFFERENTIATE OR DIE – It is hard to attract new customers. Having a sharp strategy for targeting the right ones is essential. It is also of great importance to retaining the customers a company has. The overriding challenge in Celemi Livon is to build and retain a profitable customer base – and to try to become the market leader.

At the beginning of the simulation, the four retailers “are all over the place”, meaning that they’re trying to satisfy every market segment.

Competitive positioning

Retailers soon learn that competitive positioning is critical. A company cannot be everything to everyone. It becomes apparent that the retailers need to choose which prospective customers to target.

In the simulation, where teams get to play the role of the management team, participants need to decide on the desired market position and capture it in the most cost-effective way. Teams will have to find a strategy to be able to build a strong market position and develop the ability to defend it.

Teams will have to analyze baseline market research that will help them make tactical choices: Every participant will be part of a team, playing the management team in a retailer company.

Team members, participants, will be facing decisions such as:

  • Go for the high or the low end of the market
  • Pursue a unique niche – or attack a competitor’s stronghold
  • Build capacity in advance – or wait for the demand to grow
  • Compete on differentiation – or on price
  • Defend the achieved position – or move to another

Teams learn what it takes to be “glocal” – to adopt a global framework of a corporate strategy and make it successful in local market conditions.

What Your People Will Learn

  • Develop effective marketing plans and strategies consistent with the overall company positioning
  • Use powerful marketing tactics to meet local customers and competitors
  • Manage and allocate scarce resources to remain competitive and profitable
  • Select competitive advertising and pricing

Who Celemi Livon™ is For

Celemi Livon™ suits all employees who are expected to help sales and distribution organizations. Livon is interesting for people coordinating market investments and resources, and those who are striving to create a precise and consistent identity for the company.

Celemi Livon™ is Useful For

  • Organizations looking to reinforce their competitive advantages and capture greater market share.
  • Business leaders need to create a strong alignment between franchise, retail or other operations, and the central sales and marketing strategy.
  • Managers of local or regional markets who want to explore how to adopt and adapt a global strategy.
  • Smaller, independent companies looking to identify or strengthen their market niche.
  • Companies wanting a simple demonstration of what it means to be “customer-driven”.
  • Business schools and corporate universities to deliver the big-picture framework on marketing concepts, market segmentation, consumer behavior, or strategic alignment around a central vision.

Who Delivers Celemi Livon™?

A certified facilitator will guide you and your peers through the simulation, using a software program to perform a detailed yearly analysis and comparison of the team’s performances along with a range of objective factors. This leads to intense discussions and links to participants’ experiences in their own business life.

At the end of the simulation, your people will be able to carry out a next-step exercise, in which people are invited to draw conclusions about their own areas of responsibility. This way, the learning experience from the simulation results in long-term, useful knowledge.

Business Issues Celemi Livon™ Helps solving

  • Market share
  • Competitive Attributes
  • Marketing Investments and resources
  • Promotion
  • Profitability
  • Pricing
  • Consumer behavior
  • Market segmentation
  • Customer profiling and targeting
  • Develop effective marketing plans and strategies that are consistent with overall company

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